Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tribute to a Vanished Song-Malayaalam-as remembered by P.S.Remesh Chandran, Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

In our lives there are some things which come our way, captivate us, 
then skip and vanish away for ever. Many years back, a fine song
came my way, enchanted me and vanished for ever. It came in a 
cassette, a presentation to me from an unknown. I learned it and 
sang it many times and know it word by word. I can exactly imitate 
it's music. That recording is no more with me. I don't know who 
wrote those beautiful lines, who composed such thrill of a music 
and which golden voice rendered it unforgettably. I searched with
friends, books, internet. It has skipped and gone without a trace. How
I wish to hear it again! I would sell my soul to hear it again.

This is my tribute to that song which was in Malayaalam.


Arayannamurangum poykayil
Krishnapaksham nizhaluveesi
Vanalilaavaay pinneyum
Vananilaavaay pinneyum.                  ( Alliyaambalppookkalil )

Kaalamavide kaatthu ninnu
Kaiyyiloru poocchentumaayi
Raavum venpakalumaayi dinangal
Kozhinjjathum pirinjjathum
Onnumariyaathe.                                 ( Alliyaambalppookkalil )

Mohamaavazhi vannupoyi
Kurunnu minnaminniyaayi
Ethetho mancheraathin naalamaay
Ananjjupoy karinjjupoy
Enna kiniyaathe.                                  ( Alliyaambalppookkalil )


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