Political Comments of P S Remesh Chandran

Political Comments of P S Remesh Chandran are spread over a multitude of sites including those of his own and of others', published through years. We are endeavoring to bring them all together here so that our readers can read all of them in this blog without going to these sites. Some of these comments are made on articles of news published in many Online News Dailies and Magazines which include Forbes Magazine, Times of India, Malayala Mamorama Online, India Vision Live, Marunadan Malayali and a host of others. In some cases the original news articles may have been withdrawn from circulation and may perhaps be available only in Google Archives. In many other cases the links may lead to their Home Pages, not to the article. Also, their links may not work now or the site itself may have stopped functioning. It is due to these various reasons that we have decided to compile these comments and make them available to our readers here itself. We are working on this angle and will make this page live within a few days.

You can now read all comments by P S Remesh Chandran at https://sites.google.com/site/newsobservatory/

In News Observatory, the comments are categorized in to World, India and Kerala year-wise and month-wise, starting from 2011. We hope they are useful to general readers as well as researchers.


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