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Night Of The Scorpion. Nissim Essekiel Poem. Reintroduced By P S Remesh Chandran

070. Night Of The Scorpion. Nissim Essekiel Poem. Reintroduced By P S Remesh Chandran
Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum

By PSRemeshChandra, 2nd Jan 2016. Short URL Posted in Wikinut>Writing>Essays

When some kind of disaster happens to a child anywhere in India, the entire womenfolk of India will weep. It is in their nature. Once a woman is a mother to one, she becomes a mother to all. And she will spare her life for the safety of her child too. This character inborn in the nature of women is universal. Mr. Nissim Essekiel’s poem ‘Night Of The Scorpion’ is a window into this a universal character of motherhood by featuring a typical scene from an Indian village in a rainy night.

Once a child is born, the pleasures of the parents cease; from then onwards only the child would have pleasures in life.

One distinguishable difference between the east and the west is in the treatment of their children. In the east, life centres on and spins around children. Parents live for their children, sacrificing their pleasures for the welfare of their children. Once a child is born the pleasures of parents ceases to be; from then onwards only the child would have any pleasures in life. The children remember this while they grow up and look after and care for their parents in their old age. That is why there is less number of old age homes in the east when compared to the west. Children in the east are never left to themselves even after they have become fathers and mothers in their turn. This bond of family is inviolable and grandparents and parents and children live under the same roof for ever, providing excellent opportunities for wise counsel for everyone under that roof.

In the west, parents seldom see the radiance and beauty of their sleeping child.

All village roads lead to virtues

In the west, generally speaking, parents treat children as obstacles to their private life and pleasures and keep them away from their bedrooms. There will be a nursery room in each house and children will only be allowed to sleep in those rooms. They will never be allowed to sleep with parents in their beds even when they are tiny babies. This does account for the early maturity of western children and their corresponding independence and skill in dominating and capturing the world. But, parents seldom see the radiance and beauty of their sleeping children. They will, anyway, allow the dog to sleep with them in their beds. What love and attendance they deny to their children they give to their dogs. But will these dogs look after them and provide for them when they are old and helpless? To be put mildly, they are a success with dogs but a failure with their children. The abundance of old age homes in Europe and other cold continents vouchsafes for this.

In the orient children grows up sitting in, crawling on and somersaulting over parents’ beds day and night.

Farmers’ houses are an extension of their fields

In the orient, people cannot even think about detaching their children from their beds, or rooms. There most probably will not be more than one or two rooms in their houses. So the child grows up crawling on, sitting in, and somersaulting over parents’ beds day and night, exposing his or her every emotion, feeling, gesture and awkward sleeping pose to their parents, and the parents are delighted at these too. They do not consider children as a hindrance to their private pleasure life. Actually they do not have much private life anymore. And this accounts for the late maturity of oriental children and their lack of aggressiveness and relative independence in conquering the world. Now we know why great conquerors marched through the east and not vice versa.

A distinguished characteristic of orient life is the respect children show to their elders.

Their needs are few and wishes modest

Another distinguished character of orient life is the respect children show to their elders. Once grown up, they are not allowed to even sit before the elders. Countries like China and Japan have elaborate rituals for the young to show respect to elders, including lying prone on the ground when meeting them. Handshakes and Namastes are uncommon and unaccustomed for the young. Now we know why most Chinese, Japanese and Indian leaders are very old men, strictly obeyed by younger generations, unquestioned in their decisions. This guidance and counsel of the wise and the old ensures that the onward progress of society is smooth, does not go beyond defined and well-cut paths, and there is proportional balancing guaranteed in every change brought forth in society. It also ensures that one hand or one leg of the body society will not outgrow the other hand or leg out-of-proportion and result in total ugliness. Experiences of eighty years are mightier that experiences of thirty years and the wise east know this well.

Rain and scorpion, peasants and superstitions and typical Indian father and mother.

The next house is just a door step away

Nissim Ezekiel's plays and poems usually appeared in the Illustrated Weekly of India. Although many of his poems are obscure, ‘Night Of The Scorpion’ is simple, clear and direct. In this poem he presents a typical situation in an Indian village where a mother is stung at night by a scorpion. The poem has three distinct parts- the heavy rains and the appearance of a scorpion in a house, the gathering of peasants and their inter-exchange of many superstitions and semi-scientific truths, and lastly the picture of a rationalistic father and that of a tolerant Indian mother.

In mishaps and calamities people got instant help, as God intended while he was peopling the world with human beings.

The mother of all the world returns from market

The narrator of the incident described in the poem is the boy-poet himself. It was the season of heavy Indian monsoon with steady ten hour-long rains. His mother was stung by a scorpion at night as it was moving from one rain-soaked shelter to another which, after doing this invaluable service to a poor woman, escaped among the sacks of rice and could not be found. Now comes what is typical of an Indian village. Even though it was a night of steady rain, a large number of neighbouring peasants gathered in the house with lanterns and candles instantly, hearing the loud cries from the house. This has been the custom in this world till a few years back, and which we would wish to have come back. In mishaps and calamities people got instant help, as was intended by God while he was peopling the world with human beings. This virtue is now saying farewell to the world; we can hold it back or send it away by amending our attitudes to others. Nowadays the universal practice is each will look after only his interests.

Sins of a previous life would be burnt away in the pain and agony in the present life.

Incessant rain viewed from shack

The boy-poet listened to the utterances of the superstitious peasants believing the scorpion to be an evil spirit, and singing and chanting rapidly the names of their multitude of Gods a hundred times, so that its combined sonar effect would paralyze the evil spirit of the scorpion and make it unable to move anymore. When considering the tale of the famous sonar trumpet which shook the walls and felled the fortress of Jericho as explained towards the end of this article, this belief cannot be said to be superstitious. They did this with the purpose of stilling the scorpion, as its every movement was expected to cause a corresponding movement of poison in the blood stream of the mother, spreading the poison throughout her body. So it was better for the scorpion not to be allowed to move. So they prayed that the scorpion shall not be made to move in its hiding place. The peasants however found solace in the fact that the sins of the bitten woman’s previous life would have been burned away in the severe pain and agony she went through in that night.

Pour paraffin upon the bitten toe and light it so that the chemical properties of the poison would be lost in that heat.

Rain means playtime for children soon after

The incantations and mantras of the gathered peasants did not help much and the bitten lady lying on a mat on the floor of the house continued to writhe in agony. The boy's father was a rationalist person different from the others who believed in the modern methods of treatment. He was scientific enough to pour a little paraffin wax upon the bitten toe and put a match to it so that that the paraffin would melt evolving heat and the chemical properties of the poison would be lost in that heat. The contrast between the peasants and his father is clear and not uncommon in Indian villages. Not all in India are that much superstitious and blind. But nothing succeeded in abating the agony of the woman in this case. After twenty hours the agony abated by itself, as is usual with the effect of scorpion poison on human body. The relieved mother, for the first time, found words to thank God for sparing her children and making the scorpion sting her instead of her children. The universal feeling of a Mother's care!

There are scientific minded and rational men also among superstitious villagers.

Real village school begins here

The peasants in the village were traditionally superstitious and began to chant various names of their Gods when there was a mishap such that the total sonar effect of this mayhem would make the scorpion immobile in its hiding place. They also whispered among them that the sins of this woman would be burnt away in the fire of her intense agony. But the poet's father, a rational and scientific man asks them to put paraffin on her bitten toe and light it on the hope that the chemical properties of the poison would be lost in the heat so generated and would become ineffective in her blood stream. However, when the agony seemed not to have abated after a long time, even he became frantic, as a wife is a wife anyway. The presence of many scientific minded and rational men among superstitious peasants in Indian villages pointed out in the poem is a pointer anyway. Rooted firmly in soil, these peasants have risen when need arose to produce enough crops to feed the second largest population in the world, adopting modern agricultural technology and innovations. They also succeeded in doing this without over-exploiting their cultivatable land or diminishing its fertility.

Sin of present and past lives, and cleansing human mind through intense pain.

Typical Indian village gathering point

Sin accompanies man from his origins. It can be caused by the acts in his present life, past life or by the acts of his ancestors. But all agree that sins in man have to be purged and his soul salvaged and redeemed. The superstitious villagers in The Night Of The Scorpion exclaim that the sins of the flesh and soul of the stung lady in her present life as well as in her past lives would have been burnt away in the intense pain she suffered. Perhaps they were not all that superstitious. It is universal belief that pain cleanses human mind and perhaps is the only way to cleanse human mind. The ancient Greeks called this process of cleansing human minds through intense emotions Catharsis. The ancient Indians called it Mukthi or Release.

In a village, all roads lead to virtues.

Debates conducted and decisions taken here

An Indian village consists mostly of poor men’s huts, a few pieces of arable land, one single street, tiny roadside shops where endless debates go on, regular sitting places beneath the usual Bunyan trees, and village wells for women to carry water from. News travels fast in villages- good and bad- and people are always there at your doorstep to help. There is no use wishing to live a secreted life in a village. Everyone’s life is an open book for others to read and criticize freely. When a problem comes in a family, it would not need to be explained to people, for the people in the village would have been expecting it for a long time and preparing themselves to interfere. In a village no one goes un-helped: the fallen will surely be taken to hospital, the hungry will surely be found and fed, and old school text books, clothes and utensils gifted to those who need them. Villages have virtues and their share of vices too, but mostly virtues. Remember Gandhi’s saying ‘India lives in her thousands of villages’.

Tibetans in higher Himalayan altitudes used sonic effect to levitate heavy stones upward.

Innocent passing time in Indian village life

Many readers may view the chanting of mantras and hymns by villagers as described in this poem a superstition. It does have its sonic effect. It can be healing or destructive as the case can be. Ancient Indians have formulated sound combinations known as Mantras to heal human body in its ailments. There was a technique used by Tibetans in the higher Himalayan altitudes to move heavy stones upward, using the sonic effect of sound. They would sit in semi-circles blowing their trumpets and beating drums, using this power of sound to levitate heavy stones to the desired higher elevations from their focal points. It was that simple. In Bible we read about the story of the brick mud walls and the stone walls of the sinned city of Jericho scientifically brought down by Israelites under the commandership of Joshua, using the power of sound.

The Walls of Jericho fell down as trumpets blew and soldiers shouted for seven days.

Roadside shops Govt. closes for Walmart!

The Israelites under Joshua crossed the Jordan River, and using the calculated supernatural powers of sound, collapsed the walls of Jericho. They blew their Shofars (Special Trumpets) around the walls, making a ‘Phi’ sound once each day for six days, and on the seventh day, circled it blowing their trumpets, soldiers shouting in their full might meanwhile. The ‘Phi’ sound made using their special army trumpets have a multiplying ratio which expands and magnifies, without ever loosing its proportions and qualities. The result was the six days’ rumbling made targeted portions of the wall weak and the combined sonar effect on the seventh day acted like an earthquake, bringing down the already weakened walls. The Israelites made the wall to collapse in such a way that the portion on the north side was allowed to remain standing using the physics of sound, supposedly to save the houses of their favourites and spies, and the rest was made to fall to make an entryway for soldiers before capturing the City. It was like applying measured sonar effects on an object in desired cycles, creating resonance and sonic boom! Sound waves must have met at the centre of the city, collided together and exploded, and the pressure within pushed the walls outwards!!

(Prepared as a lecture to literature students in the 1990s. Revised since then, edited and added pictures to fit the digital era)

Pictures Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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13. Author profile of P S Remesh Chandran
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Author P S Remesh Chandran

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Victers Channel Failures Suppressed By Media. P S Remesh Chandran

Victers Channel Failures Suppressed By Media. P S Remesh Chandran

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books Trivandrum

Kerala has an educational channel to make virtual class room technology available to remote villages. Equipments made available free of cost by the prestigious ISRO, supplies and maintenance undertaken by famous Hughes Limited and funds liberally released by the Government of India, it is but headed by greedy government people who force this poor students’ channel always out of air. 

News media have long been issuing two derelict officers’ press notes as news reports.

We have heard about paid news and paid suppression of news. But Kerala media have long been publishing two derelict government officers’ ridiculous press notes as news reports. We shall see why. Kerala’s central government-aided educational channel Victers went off air on 09 September 2015 around 08 AM. The Hindu National Daily on 15 September 2015 published two news articles on this incident in which they quoted IT @ School Director and Executive Director of Victers channel, Mr. K P Noufal, and Channel Chief On Deputation from Public Relations Department, Mr. Salin Mankuzhi, as answering ‘media queries’. These two news articles raise so many questions in the minds of the reading public, especially among those who know something about channel transmissions in general, and about this educational channel owned by state and run badly by two government officers like private enterprise in particular. On the date, the media reported the channel out of air 5 days back, but actually it was 8 days back. Erring like this on facts concerning another television channel operating from the same city is out of ordinary. These news reports appear like one-sided press notes prepared and issued by these two derelict officers of government, releasing to public what they had to say to escape from punishment. In fact, news papers in Kerala have long been releasing these two person’s press notes manipulated and clothed as news reports. The reason is, Kerala Press Academy at Kakkanad, Kochi has business affairs with this channel and is a partner in one of their programmes. Cheating readers and violating press ethics are condemnable but not uncommon in the media world. People have the right to know what actually happens in this Victers Government Educational Channel of Kerala for which, it is now clear, they cannot depend on news papers and other channels who are excessively soft and considerate when reporting on Victers Channel. The news paper report mildly says that ‘the Transmission Hub developed a fault’ which is another form of saying ‘please do not blame these two officers’.

Reputed Indoor Broadband Unit suppliers won’t give commissions to lowly channel chiefs.

ISRO supplied the transmission equipments ten years back. The hub and related accessories are now outdated due to non maintenance and lack of replacements, and that was why the channel went out of air. Hubs in Broad band Transmission Studios are common connection points with multiple ports for all devises in that channel’s network, which handles data-carrying frames arriving as packets in each port, copy these packets to every port in the hub whether they are destined to these ports or not, and amplifies and transmits data frames to ports in the destination personal computers, such that all segments of a Local Area Network can see all packets of data without missing one. Ordinarily, a hub cannot distinguish the intended destination of a frame, so it broadcasts the frame to every port, to ensure that the intended port also would pick it up. It is a safety system which ensures that every segment is there to be viewed and listened to, at the expense of increased net traffic and longer response time. Today there are Active, Passive, Intelligent and Switching type of hubs to rectify these drawbacks, but the Channel’s Executive Director Mr. Noufal in this news report has not revealed which one his channel uses. As it is the function of the hub to transmit recorded signals to the air, its maintenance is of paramount importance to a channel. Other channels regularly maintenance their hubs and they function smoothly too, but authorities of Victers channel did not care for maintenance, in spite of repeated warnings from technicians and service engineers. Naturally, the channel went off air. Hub is a network of equipments which is housed in a room under the supervision of a Hub Engineer attached to the channel head quarters, deputed from the supplying company. In this case, the supplier is known to be the reputed US firm Hughes India Limited, suppliers of Indoor Broadband Units the ISRO authorized as Nodal Agency for maintenance of the hub and who is noted for not giving commissions to petty officers like channel chiefs and directors. 

How will sophisticated companies work with ignorant channel people?

As early as in March 2015, Deshabhimani Daily of Kerala had reported that the Encoder of this Channel went faulty and Victers Channel had vanished from air. The channel had enough funds made available by government to purchase a new Encoder but these two officers found the easy way of renting an Encoder, and this Encoder had been helping the channel to remain in air since March 2015 till September. The rented Encoder will cost the channel around Rs. 40,000/- per month as rent and the renting agency would only be glad to take it back from this useless channel headed by wrong people. Who would find it easy and pleasant to deal with two senseless morons? This Encoder must have been still working as it was private-supplied, but components in the decade-old Dish Antenna supplied by ISRO must have broken down, sending the channel out of air. We can ask, whether new component parts for the dish antenna could not have been purchased. But it is a process made complicated by the conditions and appointments made in this channel. Broken down components would be outdated versions with which alone would an outdated hub work. If components are to be replaced, the hub also will have to be replaced and the dish antenna too. The end result- everything will have to be replaced.

Throughout India, officers have a tendency to purchase things from non rate-contracted suppliers who give commissions, or not purchase at all.

The Director General of Supplies and Disposals [DGSD] has a rate contract system with suppliers for procuring articles needed by government. It is to be strictly followed by all government departments in states as well as at the centre, to keep away from the Comptroller and Audit General of India’s and the Accountant General of India’s objections. Broadband equipments and accessories are no exemption. We shall wonder if satellites too have been included in that list! Purchases can be effected only from DGSD suppliers, and only at contracted rates, that too only after negotiation of prices- i.e. at prices negotiated through discussion and bargaining to lower than contracted rates, and again only through tendering. In this process it is very difficult and almost impossible for departmental officers to obtain commissions from suppliers. Therefore, throughout India, officers have a tendency to purchase articles from non-contracted suppliers- many of them government firms- who will readily give commissions, or not purchase at all. Inability to do this in present circumstances, especially with vigil eyes watching, was what actually resulted in not purchasing necessary equipment in time from the authorized nodal agency, while 2 crores rupees allotted by government were idling. The Hindu news report quotes Mr. K P Noufal as saying he could not arrange to update equipments because the ISRO will not give Clearance. How can ISRO give clearance if he wants to purchase equipments from agencies other than the officially-authorized one which won’t give commissions? For two years while the Director officiated in the post, he had plenty of time to complete paper work formalities, and now he weeps before press that paper work was what delayed things- two long years of successfully delaying and blocking paper work for commission, while sitting in the Executive Director’s chair! So this is how and why equipments failed and Victers channel went out of air. It is known this channel has a long purchasing history with Keltron, noted for giving commissions, and presently entrusted with the charge of installing Time Punching Systems in all government offices. You can naturally guess what is going on behind. 

Victers selected an ugly non-Keralite name against good advices.

The Executive Director of the channel, Mr. K P Noufal, a political appointee of the ruling Congress Party and Muslim League, seems to know nothing about the history of this channel; he told media that ‘the name Victers was coined by ISRO which is a common name for all states’. It is not so. ICT-enabled educational channels in other states have other names. In Andhra-Telengana it is Mana TV, in Karnataka Jnana Taranga, in Tamil Nadu Arasu Network, and in Maharashtra it is Vyas, and so on. In Kerala also, it was then heard that a famous littérateur poetess advised them to take upon a sweet Malayalam name but the authorities did not listen to, particularly an adamant IAS officer. It was also heard that the present name Victers was devised by him against good advice. This channel originally started as Edusat Video Conferencing in 2005, opened by late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the then Hon’ble President of India. In those times it was just a live video-conferencing facility between the main studio housed then at Gorky Bhavan, Soviet Cultural Centre, Bakery Junction, Trivandrum and 14 District Edusat Training Centres, in live interactive online mode. Since 2006 it has had a real channel concept and adopted Recorded Offline Transmission. Victers as a channel was officially inaugurated in 2006 by Mr. V S Achuthanandan when he was Chief Minister of Kerala.

Channel’s Executive Director lying his way into media.

Some confessions made by the Executive Director Mr. Noufal in this news article by The Hindu are ridiculous. [1] ‘Updating of equipments has to be done on an All India Basis since all states share the same spectrum’: This does not answer the question what he has done during his tenure to maintenance the equipments under his control in the state. [2] ‘ISRO is not giving clearance for updating of equipments’: How will ISRO give clearance if the equipments are wished to be purchased not from their authorized and rate-contracted agent Hughes India, for commissions? [3] ‘Last month, a senior officer from ISRO visited our studio and realized that we are different from the channels in the other States, as we are developing several hours of our own content’: It is true this channel is indeed different from other government educational channels in other states: Unlike others, this channel does not make any curriculum-based educational content but makes only cheap and vulgar entertainment content which would stretch for hours and hours at government expense, in which old and agèd experts could be excluded from and lovely young girls could be engaged as presenters and the Channel Chief could regularly pose like a cinema star. [4] ‘Only one ISRO agent makes the needed equipments and there is a lot of paper work’: After two years in office, he has only succeeded in slackening paperwork on the hope that in the end everyone including ISRO will become tired and allow purchase from agencies who would give commissions.

Will Channel Chiefs lie this much frequently and boldly to news papers?

Channel Chief Mr. Salin Mankuzhi lied to media when he said ‘30 new programmes started in the current year, out of which 10 live, brought in more viewers for the channel’. Where did he get this statistics on viewership? He had told reporters in the same ‘interview’ that ‘the channel has not yet conducted a viewer-ship survey. In this digital age, will anyone gauge viewer-ship based on ‘the number of calls they get in phone-in programmes’? The channel which boasts of ‘Phone-In Programmes for rural schools and Medical and Engineering Entrance Examination coaching classes’, supposedly using the world’s latest technologies, ‘has but only one telephone in the office’ to cater to the whole world, he says! Which government will not permit obtaining multi telephone connections, or even a switch board with staff, if asked in writing by the Channel Chief? We know obtaining an additional telephone connection for a government office will not bring commission. Do not think about obtaining commissions everywhere. 

Who will run a badly-kept car, in a bad road, without a spare tire?

The media was eager to claim in their report that the programmes aired by this channel are curriculum-based educational programmes. In fact, there are no curriculum-based educational programmes aired by this channel but only vulgar entertainment programmes, as verified by their programme schedules. Anyway, to save face, the media seems to have noted that this channel does not have a back up system as other channels do. Who will run a badly maintained car in a bad road without a steppini tire? It startles us to learn that this channel has no back up- stand by arrangements- to meet emergencies like going out of air due to components failure. The channel is now available only in its online stream which no one views. Without Virtual Integrated Classroom Technology-enabled Edusat for Rural Schools, what V I C T E R S? Replacing and updating components, including the non-operational Transmission Hub by purchasing new ones is the only sensible option left before authorities to bring the channel back on air and make it useful to children. But from the fact that the education minister’s office always protects these derelicts, it is sure these two officers, goaded by their urge to squeeze commissions, will only move for temporarily replacing them with borrowed or rented ones, until the ground is clear for purchasing new ones from suppliers who are ‘co-operative’ and willing to give commissions. Or, is this education minister’s office a third partner?

People will not stand watching when rich rogues close doors of light in poor students’ face.

Had there been no such channel in existence, there would have been no uproar. But now that it has been there for a few years thanks to central government and ISRO, has gained the attention of students and they are using it as a learning aid regularly, a habit now, the destruction of this state’s educational channel by two wicked and irresponsible officers can only be viewed seriously by the public. The student, teacher and parent community know that the education secretary, education minister and the chief minister view the destruction of this channel by their deputies lightly, like buffoons in a comic circus, as they have no scope for ever appearing in this channel and these deputies are their own political appointees. But if they do not look into the activities and practices going on in this channel which are detrimental to the interests of poor students, and do not take immediate remedial action including disciplinary action against their deputies, sometime soon more media people will liberate themselves free from this unholy association of thugs and media, and more good and informative investigative articles will appear and more impartial people will begin to take their firm stand against criminalizing and corrupting their children’s educational channels. People will not stand aside watching when rich rogues destruct poor students’ educational means at will and close the doors of light in their face.

Images Courtesy: Sahyadri Archives, Trivandrum

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Links to original news articles in The Hindu:

1. Snag takes VICTERS channel off air. September 15, 2015 05:47 IST

2 Focus on self-produced programmes. September 15, 2015 05:47 IST programmes/article7653973.ece


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An Indian Educational Channel Falling From Sky. P S Remesh Chandran

An Indian Educational Channel Falling From Sky. P S Remesh Chandran. 

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum

There are hundreds of educational channels in the world. Organizations like BBC, ABC and You Tube also have theirs. In India, since 1989, there are quite a number of government-owned and private educational channels. In Kerala also there is one- Versatile ICT Enabled Resource for Students, or Victers Channel, funded by central government and run by state government. An investigation into it reveals unexpected corruption, mismanagement and favouritism, making this good dream vanish.

Opinionated pea-brains sent to remould the channel in the lines of caste, community and religious fanatics.

Kerala is the highest literate state in India. Keralites live and work in every part of the world. They are educated, intelligent and hard working, as their neighbours and employers in whichever countries they work in would say. The world’s largest electronics and software firms are proud of their Keralite employees. Therefore it is unbelievable that a government educational channel in their native land which was expected to have served well their children deteriorated through corruption and mismanagement and became a haven of cheap fortune-seekers and political gamblers. The irony is that this situation was brought about by the caste, community and religious elements in Kerala’s education minister’s office who sent an opinionated pea-brain to head this institution and remould it in the lines of caste, community and religious fanatics, and that is whom this channel represents now. There are thousands of Keralites in India and abroad who are able to lead this educational channel to success and brilliance but the Kerala Government and the Education Department want it to remain in a wormy pit- Kuzhi in the native language of Malayalis. 

The idea is to make the whole country a great class room, linking from remote hamlets to the great metros.

The idea of educational channels in India is to prepare exam-centric capsules on physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and languages and air them through satellites to prepare students for regular examinations and competitive tests. Content from School Examination Boards, Universities and Technological Institutes would be made available for this purpose and beamed across space through satellites, capsulizing them into real-time lectures. The whole country would become a great class room, from remotest villages and hamlets to great cities and metros, linked through digital networks. That is the conception behind Information and Communications Technology-Enabled Virtual Class Rooms.

Education broadcast space is steadily being filled up with stars. No one will say the future of e-learning is dark.

01 Victers Channel Interface Not Working By Sahyadri 

Terms like E-Learning, Virtual Class Rooms, Flexible Learning Frameworks and Educational Broadcasters are becoming common. Launching educational channels, establishing production houses and providing technology-driven learning solutions are now everyday activities even in under-developed countries. Of course, getting regulatory approvals is hard in many countries but educational broadcasts are now a priority with many governments. Conventional education systems of countries are not much interactive, while young population is increasingly tech-savvy and interactive. That is how, and why, interactive web-based education is gaining momentum in the world. Telecom companies provide services in Direct To Home and Internet TV formats, which are liberally being used by educational channels. There are subscription-based channels with least advertising, and private channels with paid and free portals. Content is made available through desk-top computers, lap-tops, palm-tops and mobile phones. There are 24-hour channels and morn-to-night channels. Also content is made freely available in You Tube to watch online, or download and watch in leisure at home. Recognizing good potential, more and more institutions, companies and organizations are entering this segment. Education broadcast space is steadily being filled up with stars. No one will say the future of e-learning is dark. 

The operation of every educational channel in India is governed and supposedly regulated by three departments of the Union Government of India.

Under the current policies of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, government departments are not permitted to launch Direct To Home channels. At the same time, the Ministry of Human Resources Development has been calling for at least a 1000 educational channels to be established, to provide quality education to remotest villages. As a compromise, it was decided that the Human Resources Department can start educational channels by signing up with Prasar Bharati Corporation, the owner of all government channels in India, a part of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Under this agreement, HRD can start and operate channels but broadcasting licenses would be held by the Department of I & B. Prasar Bharati will not sign MOUs with individual channels but only with a consortium of several educational channels. Transponders for airing programmes will be provided by the Department of Space under this agreement. So, the operation of every educational channel in India is governed and supposedly regulated by three departments of the Union Government of India.

Educational channels in India, unless registered under the Companies Act, cannot attempt DTH transmission.

02 PRD Officers On Deputation By Sahyadri

Setting up of TV Studios in states was the first step for this massive mission and the HRD Ministry allotted amounts, initially Rs. 50 Lakhs, from the funds of National Mission on Education through ICT to each studio, on the assumption that ‘there would be 20-25-minute live lectures by eminent faculty across prominent institutes, and students will be able to put queries to teachers; they would be able to SMS queries on a given number and the teacher will be able to answer right away.’ When in 2011 HRD was very near to launching 1000 educational channels, new guidelines came into force in 2012, according to which only companies registered under the Companies Act are permitted DTH transmission. So, now, educational channels in India, unless registered under the Companies Act, cannot attempt DTH transmission. Government departmental institutions cannot even think about airing anything other than pre-recorded programmes up-linked to Edu Sat, to be received in schools using only special receivers. Why should educational channels have to air live programmes instead of pre-recorded ones? Looked from every angle, it is unnecessary. Even after hundreds of universities and thousands of schools are linked with bandwidth, live programmes are still spend-thrifts for government educational channels. They are not only unnecessary but expensive also. Government educational channels do not need live telecasting unless they are competing with private and commercial channels which they are not expected to do. Why should they compete with commercial channels, unless to satisfy the rotten egos of their directors?

Victers Channel broke every rule of the Government of India, to please local religious fanatics.

03 ICT Basic Bricks By Rasool Fakhir

In India, according to the norms of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, starting an educational channel is not easy. In present circumstances, such channels cannot broadcast live. They can only produce pre-recorded visuals, uploaded to the exclusive Educational Satellite EduSat of India, which could only be received and viewed in schools using special receivers. This Victers Channel in Kerala dared to break every rule of the Government of India and broadcast live, even though their pages would never load, due to incompetence in running and managing. Also the schools in Kerala have no computers and no broadband connectivity. Government would explain that thousands of computers were purchased for schools, which is true, in a way. They indeed were purchased in thousands, for pocketing commissions by departmental purchasing officers. None of them worked in schools and most of them did not even reach the schools. The schools do not have funds for getting the non-working ones repaired or getting the inoperable ones replaced. Broadband were connected to schools in noisy and pompous inaugural functions with state ministers present but were disconnected when payments defaulted. So now most of the schools neither have working computers nor connectivity. Even though Victers Programmes uselessly steal a lot of teaching time, teachers still try to make them available for students as it is the only channel allowed in schools. As school computers and connectivity are namesakes, a few parent-teacher organizations in parts of Kerala begged local Cable TV Providers to connect this government channel to schools and that is what is going on now. It is just a threadbare presence this much dreamt-about educational channel has in schools now. 

Escape from exposure of corruption by involving media in corruption.

04 ICT In India By Yann

Which is the easiest way for escaping from exposure of corruption, mismanagement and abuse of authority? Certainly it is pleasing news paper men and television channels men, and if possible, carrying on corruption involving them. That was just what Victers Channel in Trivandrum did. They brought about a clandestine programme named Fourth Estate to hide their own corruption by involving media in a diabolic plan conceived in the Public Relations Department. It is not strange that the media in Kerala, which is very quick and sensitive in reporting corruption and favouritism in other government institutions, did not report any of the corruption in Victers Channel.

The answerable department has no control and the controlling department is not answerable!

Government aimed to create virtual classrooms in remote villages using computers and satellite relays. The Government of India gave each state a television production station and facilities for up-linking programmes to educational satellites. These television stations in state capitals are well-equipped, to produce literally anything, thanks to the liberal assistance with central government funds. In Trivandrum, running of the Victers Channel is assigned to the IT At Schools Mission under the Department of Education of the Government of Kerala. The Director of Public Instruction is answerable for whatever happens in this channel, but the DPI has no control over this channel. It is run by another government department, the Public Relations Department, which is not answerable for the activities of this channel. The answerable department has no control and the controlling department is not answerable! That is the clever set up created by secretaries and ministers in the government, to make their own private agendas and corruption possible and easy in this channel. 

The least-qualified man the better to lead an educational channel!

05 ICT In India By Arjuna Rao Chavala

Who will be selected to head this educational channel in the state, normally? A person with exceptional skills in the academic as well as entertainment field would be the first choice of everyone. If a bureaucrat with these skills could be found, it would be more suitable for government. But such talented and brilliant officers needn’t always be fit to carry out corruption and favouritism at the order of political gurus and motivated authorities. So, they decided to send a person with no particular qualification to head a channel- a minor Public Relations Officer on deputation- to lead Victers Channel. The least-qualified man, the better to lead an educational channel!

Two public relations men meet, conspire, plan projects, execute jointly and pocket money of two reputed public institutions.

Two Information Officers of the Public Relations Department are sent on deputation to two institutions which are partly or fully enjoying government funds. We shall see what happens next, which is typical in Kerala where bureaucrats are involved. Mr. V. Salin of PRD is deputed as Head, EduSat, State Project Office, State Council for Education, Research & Training, Poojappura, Trivandrum, to govern Victers Channel, and Mr. N. P. Santhosh on Additional Charge as Secretary, Kerala Press Academy, Kakkanad, Kochi, renamed since then as Kerala Media Academy. They come up with this idea of producing a television series on journalists titled Fourth Estate utilizing the manpower of Victers Channel, relaying it for a few times in the channel and then storing the digitals in the Academy Archives. This programme wasted channel manpower and materials but the digital rights to the end products were to be owned not by the channel but by the academy. And no money came to the channel funds too. If the academy has a product with them, they pay, as is in government. These digital articles were not a gift from Victers Channel to the Press Academy anyway. So, logically, we can assume that the academy paid for what it got, the payment did not reach the channel, and the two officers pocketed the money. The Director of Public Instruction and the Director of Public Relations did not think it obligatory to take any disciplinary action against these two officers and remove them from the posts. We can guess this has been going on for a long time.

What is such tempting in Delhi Trade Fair for an educational channel to sacrifice a Schools Science Fair?

This was not a singular incident. Someone wanted a full digital video coverage of the New Delhi Trade Fair of December 2014 and was willing to pay. These Victers Channel Heads jumped at the chance for making money. Staff, equipment and funds of the channel were diverted to cover this fair at New Delhi which had nothing to do with educational channels. The team including the director stayed around two weeks in the country’s capital and returned with a few hours’ rushes as video cassettes. Because staff, equipments and funds were not available in Trivandrum at that time due to this Delhi affair, the School Science Fair- an important event in Kerala’s educational sector- could not be, and was not, covered. Rushes of the Delhi Fair must be resting with the channel, unedited, making people believe it was just a mistake in deployment of manpower, materials and money. It was not a mistake. The party who wanted that footage wanted only an unedited copy of the footage which they must have got, and got edited beautifully by professionals to suit their purpose. No doubt they paid, which must have been pocketed. The unedited rushes at the channel would serve as a decoy to make people believe they never were used by anyone. Look, how much damage was done by a decision of Channel Chief- multi dimensional damages too- resulting in unnecessary coverage of a Delhi fair, abandon of a much needed coverage of a School Science Fair, and pocketing a considerable sum unlawfully, abusing one’s authority!

Prime Minister’s speech sabotaged: Shame to a million Malayalis world over.

06 ICT In India By Arun S Hariharan

On the occasion of the National Teachers’ Day of India on September 5, 2014, the Prime Minister decided to address the students of the nation through all Indian channels. Victers Channel in Kerala was the only educational channel in India to decline to air the Prime Minister’s speech to the country’s students. As a gesture of challenge, they telecast the State Education Minister’s pre-recorded interaction with students at the time. The government of Kerala did not care and did not bring this to the notice of the Government of India. The DPI and the DPR did not consider this as a crime but continued to use this channel’s authorities as convenient tools for personal objectives.

Programmes polluting the sensitive, fresh and innocent brains of Kerala’s children.

There are dozens of regular programmes aired through cyber space by this fallen channel to pollute the sensitive, fresh and innocent brains of the little children of Kerala. A close look at just three of their regular programmes would warrant a closer and thorough examination of all their programmes- approved and rejected- and activities.

Light House is a live Question and Answer Phone-in-Programme, attended by professional doctors, aired every Friday from 2.30 to 3.30 PM. It was meant to discuss the everyday little problems of children- their physical and emotional inabilities generally- presented by parents. As each week passed, it became more and more vulgar, unfit to be aired to schools, with more sexual questions and perverts taking over. Lack of decent etiquettes and morals, lack of home work and lack of dedication on the part of channel authorities caused this demoralization of the programme.

Kids’ Question Corner (Kutti Chodyam) was designed to inspire students by interacting with inspirational personalities by bringing students and leaders from the various strata of society to interact with each other in the channel studio. At first these inspirational personalities were fine cine actors, lyricists, playback singers, playwrights and writers revered by all. Then they became tarnished state ministers whose names were frequently read, associated with corruption. Then came cheap politicians whose unruly behaviour in public causes uproars. It proved only one thing- the cheap and worthless things the director of this channel was a slave to, intellectually. The channel authorities failed in realistically anticipating what questions an intelligent child might ask in Kerala. 

Fourth Estate was an endeavour to select a few media men, ask them questions and bring out their views and opinions. Had they brought a TJS George or a TVR Shenoy to the screen, it would have been inspiration for children. But they brought to studio yellow-paper pen-pushers, asked them ridiculous questions and received back answers which were more ridiculous. This farce has been going on for years. If it was journalism they intended to cover in this programme, it was never touched. It is just a confusing programme, of dubious origin. Fourth Estate is aired at 7 PM every Sunday. 

News Channel! Kerala state already has dozens of news channels. In the midst of these news channels, Victers Channel diverts precious time, money, man and materials to produce news and telecast. And, in the name of news, they show state ministers’ and politicians’ irrelevant functions. It continues for two years, pleasing camera-hungry rogues.

It is time this misguided entity of a channel be wound up, or revamped and saved through the wise and timely intervention of the Government of India.

Pictures Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons And Sahyadri Books Archives

Origin of pictures and A little about the Author

01 Victers Channel Interface Not Working By Sahyadri
02 PRD Officers On Deputation By Sahyadri
03 ICT Basic Bricks By Rasool Fakhir
04 ICT In India By Yann
05 ICT In India By Arjuna Rao Chavala
06 ICT In India By Arun S Hariharan

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067. WHO, IMF, IBRD And ADB Money To India Health Finances Human Rights Violations And Corruption

WHO, IMF, IBRD And ADB Money To India Health Finances Human Rights Violations And Corruption. P S Remesh Chandran.

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books Online, Trivandrum

13th Nov 2014. Short URL: 
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Child birth scenes captured through mobile phones reaching internet for public to enjoy is one of the major crimes in medical field. People are always anxious about government storing their clinical medical data. The Indian Medical Association justified three Kerala doctors arrested for capturing and circulating delivery scenes in Whats App and is now accessory to crime. This story has serious implications world over. We will follow this story through news reports, comments and documents. 

People who give money have the right to know how it is utilized and if there is transparency and fairness at the receiving end.

Title Of A Coming Book From Sahyadri Books Online

The news was reported by regional, national and international news media like India Vision Malayalam Channel, Times of India and Wall Street Journal. The comments appended were written and published by P.S.Remesh Chandran in these media, using Face Book Log In. India, especially the State of Kerala, receives billions of dollars as financial assistance, grants and loans for development in the health sector, from such international agencies as the World Health Organization, International Monitory Fund, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Asian Development Bank. All this money belongs to the world’s people and when it reaches India, it is squandered 95 percent through corruption, unaccountability and human rights violation. People who give money for good purposes have the right to know how it is utilized and if there is transparency and fairness at the receiving end. Without ensuring these conditions, no one will give money to anyone as assistance, grant or loan. And no one will give money to gross corruptors and human rights violators. 

Doctors butcher patients in surgeries, steal uterus, bones and tissues and sell kidneys.

A New Book By P S Remesh Chandran

The WHO, IMF, IBRD and ADB do not care whether countries at the receiving end have transparency, accountability and the integrity to uphold the dignity of human rights. These international financial institutions continue to spend billions of world people’s money each year blindly, for financing and promoting corruption, unaccountability and human rights violations, in countries such as India. It indeed is a grave allegation but the facts and evidence are undeniable and cannot be over-looked. It is time the world’s people, the owners of the money these organizations spend, interfere and stop exporting funds to unaccountable and corrupt countries, India included, especially to the Health Services Department of Kerala which is one of the largest beneficiaries. Unaccountability, corruption, lack of control, indiscipline and non-transparency in this largest department in Kerala which is at the receiving end has gone to such extreme that doctors who stole patents’ delivery scenes from labour rooms and circulated them through Whats App were not only let free by the Director of Health Services, but were justified by the Indian Medical Association also.

Health gets the bulk of world’s assistance and Kerala is the state the highest literate in India.

International Funds Passes Through Incompetence

This article examines how rampant human rights violations are and how darkened transparency is in the organization which is standing at the receiving end of world people’s money through WHO, IMF, IBRD and ADB assistances, grants and loans, gulping down the bulk of this international assistance. The field selected is health sector in India and the organization selected is health services department of Kerala which is for two reasons: Health is the sector which receives the bulk of these assistances and Kerala is the state with the highest literacy in India, for illustration purposes. The article has two parts- the state of human rights violations in the health sector in India and the state of non-transparency in the highest literate state of India. Human rights violations in Kerala Health are traced through a single incident of the gravest act of capturing patents’ delivery scenes from hospital labour rooms in mobile phones and circulating them in Whats App, how ineffective and biased are investigations, and how large and influential organizations are supporting culprit doctors and helping them escape clean without punishment. Incidents of human rights violations in health sector from the states of Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh have also been mentioned, under proper documentation. Non-transparency at the receiving end of world peoples’ money is documented through the single incident of a citizen seeking specific information from the seat of Kerala’s ultimate health control station and how that citizen is not only denied information but shamelessly ridiculed also by the senior-most officials in the Directorate of Health Services and Government. Screen prints of concerned department’s relevant web site pages and scan copies of questions and answers under the Right to Information Act of India are included, and they are self-explanatory. Though distributed throughout the article, the images belong to specific paragraphs in the article and they may please be viewed or waived as such by readers.


$330 For Bearing Surgeon's Knife For 20 Years

News 1: Delivery scenes circulated in Whats App; case against hospital.

India Vision Tele Vision on September 21, 2014 reported that a case was registered against Payyannur Taluk Hospital for capturing delivery scenes in the hospital and posting them in Whats App, following a complaint from a lady alleging that delivery scenes from the hospital were circulating in Whatts App. Kannur DMO asked for report from hospital authorities and said, action would be taken without prejudices. The Cyber Cell was approached by Police for obtaining technical evidence and for ascertaining whether scenes are those of the complainant.

Comment On September 21, 2014:

Delivery Scenes Captured And Circulated By Doctors

Child birth scenes captured through computer applications finally reaching internet for public to view as objects to watch and enjoy is one of the major crimes in the medical field, and in this particular case, the sole responsibility rests with the Medical Superintendent of Payyannur Taluk Hospital, the District Medical Officer of Kannur and the Director of Health Services of Kerala. There is no relevance in the DMO who is responsible himself conducting enquiry. Even the Additional Director of Health Services, Vigilance, is not qualified or empowered to conduct such an enquiry. The first thing that has to be enquired by whoever would come to be empowered by statute is, how much this Payyannur Taluk Head Quarters Hospital is connected and linked to the new E-Health Project being implemented by the Kerala Health Services Department with Central Government Assistance, directly or through agencies taking part in this project, for during the same period this agency was in the process of distributing medical data collection apps to doctors. It was only this project which was given authority to collect patient medical data in Apps, with the collaboration of associated, dubious, service providers and agencies. Perhaps, they were just testing the readiness of their new infra structure. Even from the beginning of this E-Health Project, it was predicted by learnèd quarters that things like this would happen in Kerala. If anyone has doubts, read the internet article, Kerala’s E-Health In Dark Shadows, which was published first by Kerala Health Research Online and then by Trivandrum Social Research Institute. E-Health is a digital project, much feared even in advanced countries for its openness for patient data abuse and misuse, trying to be implemented by the incompetent Health Department, through its ignorant staff, aimed at digitally inter-linking all government hospitals in the state, collecting vital medical data through Industrial Apps, and selling them to whoever are interested, including those in the field of insurance and pharmaceuticals. This project was got sanctioned and brought to Kerala at the same time as the Solar Scam which rocked the state and that is why the implementers of Kerala’s E-Health Project fear to disclose the names of people associated with this project and who expressed interest in this 96-crore project, which is more lucrative and comparatively easier to loot than the solar project. Probably the same persons were involved in both. What happened now at Payyannur is collecting patient data digitally through Apps and releasing them illegally, or even selling them, which in plain terms is ‘Medical Data Theft’. Department’s enquiries would only be directed at proving there was no connection between this hospital, these doctors and the e-health project. Privacy of a citizen is of paramount importance. One can ask, if sacrificing personal privacy for the privileges of an advanced medical technology for the benefit of the entire state is not desirable? The answer would always be ‘no’. It is government’s job to ensure that citizen’s right to privacy and his right to advanced medical treatment do not come face to face. As men are not yet gods, implanted, hand-held and mounted medical devices can, not only collect and transmit data from human body but in the hands of wicked persons such as these can reverse engineer them also to sabotage the very same human body.

News Link: പ്രസവചിത്രം വാട്സ്ആപ്പില്: ആശുപത്രിയ്ക്കെതിരെ കേസ്

News 2: Incident of releasing delivery scenes in internet; Special Investigation Team to investigate.

Botched Sterilization Ends In Death, Shock, Trauma

India Vision Tele Vision on September 22, 2014 reported that a Special Investigation Team would be formed and the doctors questioned, and that the investigation by Kannur District Medical Officer had not found doctors guilty.

Comment On September 22, 2014:

A Doctor Stole Kidney And Another Wombs

People have always been anxious about their clinical medical records stored by government. Their concern over the possibility of this data being stolen, traded or misused has led to law courts’ intervening to define which data can be stored and how much of it can be used by government, but demarcations remain still ambiguous, for electronic medical data storage is new to the world. Governments and private medical companies collaborating with government in implementing government’s various e-health governance schemes try their best to establish larger and larger medical data bases, and this collaboration- in some countries shameless fusion and amalgamation- has only increased the intensity and magnitude of people’s fear and their eventual resistance to collection of their data and its storage in electronic networks. (See the book ‘E Health Implications And Medical Data Theft’ soon to be released). Governments’ unlimited access to medical data and the resultant people’s vulnerability to bureaucrats’ and industrialists’ selfish motives in using this data have only emphasized the need for people’s increased and concrete resistance to this unholy connection of governments and private companies collecting and using patients’ electronic medical data. In the beginning of this century, people certainly had their right to control who can access their data, how much, and for what purpose. But the need of rich companies and greedy politicians to amass whatever medical data they can before the whole world becomes alert against medical data theft and abuse, has led to billions of money being transferred to legislators for enacting laws one after the other for forceful collection of people’s medical data and making them available to anyone who has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with government or government’s private partner. As more and more laws came to be passed in more and more countries, this people’s control over their medical data gradually weakened in strength and is only a shadow of its former self now, existing only in law books and law court judgements, which governments do not mind anymore. Chief Ministers, Health Ministers and Health Secretaries in provinces and states are the ones who are expected to tell these things to people but they stand on the other side of the battle field, heavily armed, bribed and corrupted.

News Link: പ്രസവദൃശ്യം പ്രചരിപ്പിച്ച സംഭവം: പ്രത്യേക അന്വേഷണ സംഘം രൂപീകരിക്കും

News 3: Delivery scenes released in Whats App: Indian Medical Association justifies doctors.

A Directorate For Human Rights Violation Services!

India Vision TV on September 25, 2014 reported from Cochin that the Indian Medical Association appeared on the scene and justified the three doctors who were suspended for circulating delivery scenes in Whats App. A committee delegated by IMA claimed that pictures of babies born in an extra ordinary delivery were only captured and no privacy of the lady was violated. The IMA added that generalizing isolated incidents like this, this way, is equal to tarnishing the medical field.

Comment September 25, 2014:

Pay Compensation To Victims At International Rates

The Indian Medical Association is just an association, a registered gathering of doctors, formed to protect the interests of doctors, not of patients or the health field. It is not an authority; Indian Medical Council is the authority. Indian Medical Council’s top-ranking officials were questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation of India and their offices and homes raided for evidence, in connection with corruption involving crores of rupees. It is not strange that this case related to illegally favouring and helping a Trivandrum Medical College in getting a few Post Graduate medical seats sanctioned by overlooking criteria, was clearly routed through Kerala’s medical associations. Now that even the Medical Council of India has been implicated in corruption and favouritism, who is here remaining in the medical field beyond corruption and favouritism? The IMA Kerala Chapter in its long history has never condemned a single doctor, charge-sheeted or got involved in malpractice, medical crimes, theft of department funds, or willful violation of patients’ rights. In fact, whenever such doctors were booked, they were found to be office-bearers or members of doctors’ associations. The first and major example was the doctor from Vilappil Primary Health Centre in Trivandrum District who stole nearly 32 lakhs from State Treasury through bogus bills, caused the death of many including his wife and children and him in a hotel room, with bundles of currency notes burned and scattered around the bodies. People have not forgotten this incident and the stolen money could not be recovered still. Doctors’ associations conveniently forget such several incidents and the young bloods among them do not like to remember anything at all from history. Now they have come forward to claim that delivery scenes were taken by doctors in Payyannur Taluk Hospital using personal cameras as it was an extra-ordinary delivery to be recorded for posterity! What extra-ordinary? Do they ever see the web sites of famous university medical schools? Who authorized government doctors in Kerala hospitals to take pictures of delivering females? Did the Health Secretary of Kerala, Director of Health Services, Medical Council of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of India, or even the World Health Organization, permit that ever? The IMA admitted those doctors’ taking pictures, only when the bright and alert tech-savvy officers of Kerala Police collected evidence and proof against them, and not before. What they committed is a crime in India, warranting cancellation of Medical Council Registration, heavy fine and long imprisonment. When the IMA justified this medical crime, they became accessories and accomplices to crime according to Indian Law; the law is clear. They are trying to put pressure on Health Secretary, DHS and investigating officers, to let the doctors go free. They are plainly putting pressure on police-investigation and criminal justice-administration, creating a clever precedent, to be used later by the other criminals among them who already might have put similar videos and pictures in internet sites. The IMA’s long history indicates that they always stood for criminals every time a doctor involved in a criminal case was booked. There is no light viewing of the seriousness of this crime committed on an unwary female patient by unscrupulous doctors, in a state hospital. Did anyone verify their school, college records and medical qualification certificates?

News Link: പ്രസവദൃശ്യം വാട്സ് ആപ്പില്; ഡോക്ടര്മാരെ ന്യായീകരിച്ച് ഐഎംഎ

News 4: 11 Women died in India after botched sterilizations, 7 battling for life and 40 in shock and trauma due to blood loss.

Tell Information Act To Go To Hell

Wall Street Journal on November 11, 2014 reported from Mumbai that eight women were dead and dozens of others were hospitalized after they underwent sterilization surgery as part of India’s population-control programme. Public-health authorities said the women suffered fevers and pain after a surgical team performed a laparoscopic procedure on 83 women on Saturday at a hospital in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The deaths and complications are under investigation.

Times of India on November 12, 2014 reported from Bilaspur that bungled sterilization at a government health camp in Kanan Pendari village in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh triggered the worst-ever medical tragedy in the state, with 11 women dead, seven battling for life and 40 in shock and trauma triggered by loss of blood and that as many as 83 tubectomy operations were performed in three-and-a-half hours, with one doctor and his attendant spending, on average, two minutes per surgery.

Comment On November 12, 2014:

DHS Web Site On 11.11.2014. Page 01

When surgeries fail and patients die, doctors are suspended, state conducts inquiry, Indian Medical Association interferes and culprits are let go free. Not one doctor in India has ever been dismissed for the death of a woman or child in a government hospital in India. In Kerala, actually, a lady doctor who caused the death of a woman and a child through a Post Partum Surgery was promoted five times and made Director of Health Services of the state. Tens of thousands of women die in and after simple procedures like PPS in India but the Union Health Ministry, Cabinet of India and World Health Organization never care. Actually it has become the greatest human rights violations in India. Medical Superintendents of the concerned hospitals would always say, ‘those doctors were well trained and brilliant and I wonder what went wrong’! Everything went wrong! The surgeries were done in open camps as part of political campaigns for publicity. There was no clinical cleanliness and hygiene maintained. Things put into abdomen were not taken out. Scissors and knives remained inside peritonis membrane, patients began to show signs of fits, had to be re-admitted, and died of peritonitis. Doctors who did surgeries got medical school admission through capitation fees payment and were not qualified for admission normally. There might have been urgent demand for vital organs which could be removed stealthily from women’s bodies only in the guise of post-mortem examination for which they had to be killed. Uterus, bones, kidneys- anything could have been removed after death by greedy doctors, or patients deliberately had to be caused to die to keep in balance the demand and supply for human organs. No one needs wonder if such things could happen. Tamil Nadu State Human Rights Commission in 2008 ordered government to pay compensation of 25000 rupees to Coimbatore Veera Keralam Thentral Nagar-native Mohanraj’s wife Nandini for carrying for 20 years a surgeon’s knife inside her abdomen, deposited there and neglected to be taken out in a PPS operation. In July 2012, Reuters reported from Raipur that doctors from this very Chhattisgarh state illegally removed wombs from poor women in hysterectomy surgeries, to claim $540 on account of each patient from the national insurance scheme to help poor families to pay for expensive surgeries. The Press Trust of India in July 2012 reported from Jaipur that a doctor was arrested in Rajastan for stealing a kidney from a two-year-old child which led to his death. How many doctors were dismissed and imprisoned for all these crimes by the India Government? None! Not only that, the government skillfully escaped also from paying compensation in ten thousands of hospital deaths of women and children in India. It is the world people’s money coming to health sector in India as assistances, grants and loans from WHO, IMF, IBRD and ADB that is being misused to finance these kinds of human rights violations and subsidize the setting up of necessary infra structure for carrying out these gruesome businesses at government expense. It is time world’s organizations interfere and investigate every child and woman death in Indian hospitals. Our women and children are no more safe in our hospitals. 

News Links:

Eight Women Die in India After Botched Sterilizations: Wall Street Journal

Botched govt. sterilization kills 11 women in Chhattisgarh: Times of India

India reached Mars but Indian Prime Minister’s website does not even have a link for people to submit complaints!

DHS Web Site On 11.11.2014. Page 02

We will live in this world only once and we can sympathize with those in distress only once and we too can report these kinds of atrocities to authorities and demand immediate action and exemplary punishment. It is things started by individuals, not organizations, which cause changes in this world. Never hesitate to report human rights violations because the victims themselves can’t do it, for they would already have lost their will power and mind to respond. We are here to act for them. You can directly upload and report to web sites of organizations in the field or send emails. Most human rights organizations in the world are with links to donate money, to receive which is their sole purpose. Do not waste your time there. Even Green Peace and Amnesty International may not care unless there is scope for good publicity for them. Perhaps if you contribute money, such organizations might look into things and take up. Or you can experiment by interacting with organizations like Human Rights Data Analysis Group, Human Rights First, The Carter Center, World Organization Against Torture, Front Line or Civil Rights Defenders. Some of them are just research organizations who do not take action and some others are mostly regional which may or may not be effective, depending on the geographical location of the origin of the complaint. A few others are arrogant organizations who would either respond to only the privileged or not respond at all. Some move only against governments and some do not move against governments for fear of exposure and examination of accounts. Considering the population of the world and the number of human rights violations occurring every year, it can be said that there are barely enough number of organizations and agencies in this world to attend to all complaints. In countries like India, complaint links in even the Labour Ministry will not open when we click. They are not meant to open but to track who clicks. India reached Mars but Indian Prime Minister’s website does not even have a link for people to submit their complaints to! Only the President’s website has it, and it is prompt in action too.

Never hesitate to report human rights violations you learn about, experience or witness: we all are noble.

RTI Application To DHS 06.10.14 Page 01

As we have seen, victims of human rights violations will not be able to report incidents themselves, as they would be maimed, stained, oppressed, tormented, traumatic, shocked, exhausted and energy-drained to do this. Goodness and goodwill of others is their only hope and salvation. After experiencing horrible acts from other human beings, they would only be wanting to go away from this world and say farewell. It is us who have to pull them back to life and dignity through noble interference. This is the basic principle of all human rights protection and legislation; one needn’t necessarily be the victim to report a human rights violation. If you see otherwise anywhere, never trust that establishment, organization, entity or person. There are a number of establishments, governmental and non-governmental, which are bound to record incidents reported by individuals in their data banks and take immediate action. The first and foremost is the United Nations Human Rights Council where only countries can make complaints. But the United Nations Human Rights Committee will record incidents reported directly by individuals from anywhere in this world. You can report here: . Another is, the United States State Department which records human rights violations from anywhere in this world, directly into their website, as part of the proclaimed democratic policies of America, a model to the world. Remember that India’s Prime Minister was denied US Vista for ten years on account of his alleged involvement in human rights violation in the Gujarat Riots in 2002, which was relaxed and visa granted only when he became Prime Minister in 2014. It is believed that America can deny vista to any concerned official from violator countries whose names shows up in their data banks in connection with human rights violation. If it is true, it is a majestic and grand gesture by the Americans, just like their first experiment with democracy two centuries earlier which kindled hopes of people’s rule in so many countries and made democratic freedom a reality in those countries later. Suppose severe human rights violations are reported from the health sector in India and they record them in their data bank, and supposing this data comes up when Indian health officials apply for US Vista to attend WHO meetings, how can Indian health officials secure WHO grants? If used the right way, visa denials can bring down habitual human rights violators and rogue governments. 

In India, the national agency for reporting human rights violations to is the National Human Rights Commission in New Delhi where you can upload your report directly to You needn’t necessarily be the victim. In Kerala, there is the State Human Rights Commission at and you can email your report to

Constitution of which country allows human rights violators to set foot in their land?

RTI Application To DHS 06.10.14 Page 02

Countries like US can deny visa as part of exerting international pressure against human rights violators or revoke an already existing visa, if one was reported to be responsible for wrong performance of a state institution in his own country. It is a symbol of world’s resistance to human rights violations and non-transparency, prompted into legislation by the ideals the people in those countries uphold and cherish. If even an Indian Prime Minister could be denied visa in foreign soil for ten years due to alleged involvement in human rights violations, why would anyone hesitate to deny landing permission to faceless health officials with score records of thousands of human rights violations against women and children in government hospitals in India behind them, after receiving billions of world people’s money as assistance each year? Constitution of which country allows human rights violators to set foot in their land? 65 Parliament Members from India writing to US President against human right violations in Gujarat was not considered an unpatriotic act. That is what the world has become today. Anyone can interfere in human rights violations in any country. It is now everyone’s right. The world has already become one. Even Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will some day soon have to cross continental barriers and take up protection of human rights in countries on the other side of the world also. 


RTI Reply From DHS 14.10.2014

When India learned that enactment of transparency and right to information legislation could not be delayed at the risk of not continuing to get international grants and loans in the changing world of information revolution, the bureaucracy of the country hastily opened websites for giving information where links won’t open, and reluctantly enacted Right to Information 30 years after all the world had done it, where there are only loop holes. In India, this law remains in a ridiculous and laughable state of condition in which arrogant officers still deny information and challenge people as if they are monarchs. As health service is one of the largest recipients of world people’s money as grants and loans, we shall examine the state of conditions existing in the Directorate of Health Services in Kerala state, the state with the highest literacy rate in India. See the Right To Information link in this directorate’s website where none of the officers mentioned as Public Information Officers and Appealing Authorities work there now and most of them have retired long ago.

No transparency in government offices; officers are angry and they hate information-seekers.

RTI First Appeal To DHS 29.10.2014

See how the very senior gazetted staff of this office reacts out of sudden anger, ignorance and stupidity to people’s applications seeking information under the RTI Act. Almost all the Senior Superintendents there do not know the official language English, and are recruited not through Public Service Competitive Tests but on compassionate grounds as dependents of relatives who died while in service. Even graduates among them do not know how to read and write in English. It is inconceivable that all of them passed tough departmental tests and secured several promotions unless they used other people’s test results and certificate numbers. Most of them possess dubious certificates and qualifications and scrutiny is lax. Almost all of them skillfully use the famous delay tactics to prepare grounds for bribes and corruption. The director of health services cannot control any of them or take action because that post is filled up through communal and caste rotation, not based on qualification, service and seniority. Which people in this world who give money to governments will believe things are this loose in a country which successfully sent space vehicles to million-miles-distant Mars?

Reply to an application made under the RTI Act to the DHS is scanned and posted here, which is signed by one Ms.S.Kumari, typed in Malayalam which was not the language in which the original application was made. She is supposed to be a Senior Superintendent but doesn’t seem to know what was asked and what was to be answered. She doesn’t even seem to know the difference between appointing authority and posting authority. No one asked her reasons for delay; she was asked only information. A crude translation of her letter from Malayalam to English is here: ‘The information requested vide letter referred to are appended hereunder: In the applications you submitted to this office several times through the DMO and otherwise for various purposes, original documents were not enclosed. Therefore action could not be taken on that application. Therefore, as per NDis. ED2-64625/14/2005/HSD Dated: 07-10-14 the copy of which is enclosed, application for each purpose with original documents is to be submitted to District Medical Officer who is your appointing authority. Yours Faithfully, Sd/- S.Kumari, Public Information Officer, ED Section, Directorate of Health Services, Trivandrum.’ This is the level of public awareness of Senior Superintendents in the Establishment Section of a State Directorate, a section which controls the life and services of thousands and thousands of brilliantly qualified surgeons and physicians, and nurses and technicians, throughout the state. What might have been their untold experiences with these half-baked brains!

Officers who cannot read or write English handle international affairs, funding and spending!

RTI Reply From Chief Secretary 28.10.2014

They cannot understand what information a citizen is asking for, and they believe what they believe is what the citizen is asking for. There is no controlling authority, there is not an educated appealing authority anywhere and there is not even a Chief Information Commissioner for the country, for that matter. We have seen just one application made by a citizen and the irresponsible and arrogant reply given by a Gazetted Senior Superintendent. She escaped without punishment. She does not know to read and write in the official language and that is why the reply is in Malayalam, the only language she knows, in violation of the mandate that the reply should be in the same language as the application and should strictly be in the prescribed format. This is the state of condition in the entire state, and the office of the Chief Secretary to Government of Kerala is no different. The same application was sent to him also and the reply from his office was equally irresponsible too, which is reproduced here. So, the question is, why should the world’s people entrust their money to these corrupt and non-transparent people, for whatever good purposes?

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