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Dear reader, we decided to include political articles also from August 2019. Literary articles will continue as usual. We have quite a number of literary articles more which would be of interest to students, teachers, researchers and the general readers.

P S Remesh Chandran

The list of all political articles published in this blog are below, updated as on 05 October 2019:

094. Dogs more obstruct road travel than roadside rallies

095. Mobile phone tower radiation increasing and house sparrow population declining

096. Will new software prevent girl child foeticide and dowry and take away their tuition fees?

097. Indian democracy is now the autocracy of a corrupt bureaucracy

098. Some Indian leaders consider corruption as their birth right

099. TV advertisements after each run in cricket show

100. Obama's comment on Indians eating too much

101. All credit for deliveries goes to skilled midwives

102. Betrayal behind the Indian petrol prices

103. Mouth-watering formation of a new state in India

104. Making voting compulsory is coercion

105. Is genetically modified food good for human consumption?

106. India travellers, Malaria has not gone; it will come back

107. Indira Gandhi was starting public sector industries, not selling them

108. Newspapers make money by promoting cheating through advertisements

109. Nothing in this world can storm the emotions of a true oriental

110. Experimenting with 1 and 1 ½ years old infants is crime

111. It is now inter-netting public versus corrupt national leaders

112. Two states fighting against each other instead of fighting against nuclear power plant

113. Delhi students take to street demanding justice for the dead girl

114. Direct Cash Transfer Subsidy aimed at enriching banks

115. High heeled shoes may cause abortions like slope-floored cattle sheds

116. The Street Vendors Bill and the politicians of India

117. There is now no one there to climb coconut trees in Kerala

118. Government officers who say no hunted throughout life

119. Internet freedom and intellectual freedom face challenges in India

120. Indian school girls have to escape rape and then set afire

121. Villagers stoning Bihar Chief Minister

122. Why is there a Right to Education if there is no Right to Living?

123. Mad cow slaughter rioters in Punjab towns

124. NRHM officials live like kings

125. Taxes make Indian airfares three times higher than China

126. Hindu-Muslim harmony in India  

127. Indian National Congress electing a president is their internal affair

128. Trivandrum Techno Park is now a mega real estate firm selling land to foreign cohortees

129. India’s and America’s unity in denouncing the Tibetan cause

130. Hindu fanatics’ blocking Asianet Channel aimed at blocking broad information spectrum to young Keralites

133. Hindus living abroad believe in women equality and gender justice which is law there

134. It is illiterate Muslims in Asia who live out of religion turned this peaceful religion into a religion of terrorism

135. Why are secretaries and state ministers exempted from bio-metric punching in the Kerala Secretariate?

136. Will BJP’s manipulating the elections ultimately lead to the end of all elections in India?

137. Election Commission cannot change people but people can change election commissions and election processes in India

139. Is it right to call a person who lists India’s imports as far exceeding its exports a traitor?

140. Comparing any religion, especially Hindu religion, with gold is fallacious

141. The Election Commission and BJP never thought people will rise up against voting machines in India

142. Government wants voting machines to remain and people want them to go. We know why in India

143. Why should government and supporters fear people’s discussions on voting machines in India if they did not manipulate them?

144. The Fourth Estate betrayed people’s wish for paper ballot in India

145. Voting machine-using countries are more under accusation of rigging elections than ballot-paper using countries

149. Why French Christian war planes and Iran Muslim oil? Why not Hindu planes and Hindu oil?

150. Why does the world still receive Mr. Narendra Modi with red carpets?

151. By talking too much of Hinduism are we not voicing the dead and resurrecting them from past to bring our early fall?

152. Why call BBC liars now? Because BJP is in power now.

153. Hindutwa is a double-edged sword: monarchs have the power to rule; people have the power to curse. But people are many.

154. So they have returned India to its ancient barbaric past as they promised: Keeping Tolstoy’s books is crime!

155. Why can’t states have their flags and national flag as well in India?

156. The Indian people’s disapproval of the bifurcation of Kashmir is entirely different from Pakistan's in motive

157. The UN Charter which India signed specifically underlines man’s right to accept and practice any religion he believes in

158. Did the western media cover the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir shamefully?

159. Will not Indian Passport’s world ranking fall with the Kashmir bifurcation?

160. How much of national historic figures are prime ministers, presidents and leaders now?

161. Will Kashmir Move help India secure UN Security Council membership, or close that half-open door for ever?

162. Will Reliance survive with only BJP members and sympathizers buying their products but people boycotting?


163. It is not Hindi but creating a rebellion on Hindi that is important to the Hindu party of India

164. What right has Mr. Imran Khan and Mr. Narendra Modi to tell people that they changed, so people too should change like chameleons?

165. Buying MLAs and MPs like cattle in India is good for democracy: People will loose confidence in representatives and demand direct democracy 

170. What should Mr. Rahul Gandhi do- show his neck for more betrayal from Communist parties, regional parties, and his own partymen?

171. Why BBC released this special broadcast on India’s glorious past now all of a sudden at this particular time?

172. Why shoot Maoists and at the same time receive the greatest Maoist in the world as State Guest in India?

173. Did the British thrust partition on India in 1947? Didn’t people also want it?

[Updated as on 05 October 2019]

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