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172. Why shoot Maoists and at the same time receive the greatest Maoist in the world as State Guest in India?


Why shoot Maoists and at the same time receive the greatest Maoist in the world as State Guest in India?

P. S. Remesh Chandran

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum

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Who is the greatest Maoist in the world now? It is the Chinese President. In which country is Marxist Maoism the official ideology? It is in the People's Republic of China. So the greatest Maoist in the world was received as State Guest by the Indian Prime Minister at Chennai and lived with him for two days in October 2019. What message was the Prime Minister giving to the citizens of India- to live co-existing with Maoists? Did anyone in India, including the Communist Party of India (Marxist), demand that this Chinese Maoist in India shall be arrested? Remember that hosting a Maoist in one’s house or premises is a crime warranting shooting at sight in India and especially Kerala in the eyes of the central and the state authorities. From Tamil Nadu this Chinese Maoist went straight to Nepal to confer with the Maoist Mr. Prachandta who rules Nepal and declared that the People’s Republic of China will give a Rs. 3500 crores financial aid to Nepal. What does the government of Kerala, its ruling Marxist Party and its police forces have to say on this? 


The Kerala government in 2019 October last supposedly ‘encountered’ Maoists in the Wayanadu forests and killed them through its Thunder Force police force. It was subsequently proved by witnesses, people and leaders of other political parties before the press that there was no such encounter and the police force was just surrounding them, shooting at them and killing them who were just eating food inside a temporary shack. The Kerala government, closely following the foot steps of the Hindu party in the centre, is making loud noise in the name of Maoism, conveniently forgetting the fact that they are a Marxist government at least in name. The people of Kerala- ten thousands among them- know well what Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Leninism and Maoism are and can compare and evaluate if the Communist Party of India (bracket) Marxist has any isms left in its political line. The only people in India who cannot differentiate between these political terms are the leaders, members and supporters of the Communist Party of India (bracket) Marxist. If Maoists are all dangerous, then why did the Indian Prime Minister live with the greatest one among them for two days and ask inter-people relations to be developed? Did he mean India should whole-heartedly embrace Chinese Maoists and tolerate Maoism? Or did he actually mean his example is one never to be followed in practical life by anyone in India like almost all of his other examples are? If the Indian authorities cannot tolerate Maoism, then why did they give wrong messages to people? 


A number of people in Kerala- all close followers of the ruling Marxist party in Kerala- immediately after this ‘encounter killing’ incident came up with explanations that the police were shooting in self defense. We will think they all hold the post of the Director Generals of Police in Kerala to know about the details immediately after this soon. How did they know for certain what went on there at the scene of action until a coroner stated it in record and a court of law validated it? Or were they witnesses there at the time these ‘encounter killings’ were happening? Then they must be ‘valuable witnesses’ for a court of law to determine whether those were deaths, killings or political murders. It is easier to say that ‘because they fired at us we fired back and killed them’. That is just what the Supreme Court of India warned against and condemned in earlier cases and punished police officers for. The Supreme Court even said being a Maoist is not a crime in India and all such alleged encounter killings should be brought for magisterial investigation within two weeks. The question is, did they come to us or did we go to them. Did they shoot at us coming to the seat of Government or did we go hunting for them in dark forests. It is not the first time that shooting and killing people claiming they were Maoists is happening in India and this won’t be the last. ‘Encounter killing’ is, as now everyone knows, protective clothing for deliberate killing for political reasons. 


One may ask if the present government administration in China isn’t an antithesis of communism. It is. The present Chinese government is the antithesis of the famous Chairman Mao’s ideologies whether they were right or wrong, it’s founding principles, just as the present Indian government is the antithesis of the famous Indian democracy, its founding principles. Anyway, both took their oaths while assuming offices in the name of the respective ideologies of Maoism and Secular Democracy. In betraying these ideologies, both became identical bullocks to be harnessed under the same yoke. 


This whole deal is full of contradictions. The India government that hunts native Maoists receives foreign Maoists in India as state guests. The people who give shelter to Maoists in their homes are arrested and charge-sheeted by the Indian Police in most states but the Prime Minister hosts and lives with Maoist Supremos for two days in Tamil Nadu is not. The Chinese President swears in in office in the name of Maoist Communism but in his attitudes and actions he is a thorough capitalist. The Indian Prime Minister swears in in office in the name of democratic secularism but under his rule thousands of civilians are put in prisons without explicit reasons or any reasons and non-Hindus are hunted and killed everyday and he is a thorough undemocratic person. The Maoists in India pledge to a Mao-style communism and socialism but turn to drug trafficking and looting villages for funds and amassing wealth which were not his way. But one cannot fail to see the general ‘killing tendency’ spreading in India. The killing of Maoists cannot be separated from killing non-Hindus, killing citizens who do not call Rama, killing people who carry cow’s meat, etc, etc. It’s a general killing tendency that is spreading in India. Those who view handle and treat killing Maoists separately, compartmentally, are just fools who cannot see well in daylight. Seeing only the nail in close up, they fail to see the elephant in whole. 


A million times more bullets are fired by the Chinese People’s Army at Indians. Still their Supreme Leader is given royal reception by the Government of India. Why do the Marxists in India pretend they do not see this and elaborate on this? Their sister communist party and the original- The Communist Party of India- has already condemned these murders clothed as ‘encounter killings. Why does the Communist Party of India (Marxist) remain hideously silent? Had this Supreme Maoist of China come to Kerala during his Indian visit, would the Marxist Kerala Chief Minister have condemned him or gone to receive him? What would the Police Forces have done, shoot him or saluted him? My dear friend, the real fact is, the Maoists in India do not have ruling power in India and that is why they are shot in ‘encounter shootings’ the farce behind which the Supreme Court trials exposed and punished. That is why the Maoists who have ruling power in China are welcomed and received as state guests in India by the Hindu party BJP in the centre and the Marxist leaders in the states alike who meanwhile hunt Maoists in India. Do not ever forget that if the Maoists in Nepal ever come to Kerala on official tours, the Marxist Chief Minister of Kerala would receive and embrace them. Recently they did come to Kerala for partaking in the Communist Party Birth Centenary Celebrations and what else did the Marxists of Kerala do except embracing them? The (Marxists) of Kerala worship Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara and exhibit his photos everywhere and anywhere possible but does this mean they are pledged to carrying out armed revolutions against governments like him? How do they gauge one is a Maoist? If you judge one a Maoist from words written in social media, you are a very poor judge and knows nothing about Communism, Marxism, Leninism or Maoism. Words do not make a Maoist, like your words and pose do not make you a Marxist: it is actions. And, protecting the human rights of Maoists isn’t Maoism; it’s Humanitarianism.

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First Published on: 29 October 2019

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