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173. Did the British thrust partition on India in 1947? Didn’t people also want it?


Did the British thrust partition on India in 1947? Didn’t people also want it?

P. S. Remesh Chandran

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum

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The partition of India in 1947 after independence was not thrust upon the people of India by the British. There were strong factions- Hindu and Muslim- working inside India then, demanding formation of a Hindu-dominant nation in India and a Muslim-dominant nation in Pakistan. Only a few leaders and people wanted India to remain undivided and from records we know who they were. If all leaders and people of India wanted India to remain independent, secular and undivided, no one including the British would have been able to divide India into two. Even after 72 years, debased national leaders are making hate speeches. Guess how strong this mentality would have been at the time when it was decided that the British would leave, leaving India to its own destiny. So India became two nations. When Hindu leaders make hate speeches, the Muslims would feel insecure under them and want a separate Muslim state for them. That was what happened in 1947. After the withdrawal of the Indian National Congress from the political scene and the emergence of a Hindu Party, this hate mentality also is reemerging with double strength. Within a few years we will see what happens. 


The partition of India in 1947 was prompted by factional currents working in India. It was not just a political resolution arrived at by the British Parliament and Crown. Communal, religious and gender discrimination of every kind working in society through generations for decades, even centuries, pushed things towards the inevitable culmination of partition. These communal, religious and gender discrimination suppressed by the Free India’s administration for a time is now working again, more forceful and widespread than before, moving things towards an inevitable culmination in what? Since the installation of a Hindu government in India, hate speeches and hate actions are increasing many-fold and the government is apparently totally helpless in the front of this abominable development in India. They unleashed this Satan for agitating people for political gains and now they are unable to stop it, even hinder it. In 1947 there were a few intelligent and magnificent national leaders who also had a hold over international matters to control this hate movement and finally harness it. But now there are no such intelligent and magnificent national leaders who have a say in international politics and can control this new hate movement. The only person prominent in global politics and who whole heartedly supported this new hate movement in India by all means- the U. S. President- is facing impeachment proceedings in America. 


Since the partition in 1947 of India into two countries, India has no rights over the land or people in Pakistan nor has Pakistan any rights over India. The partition was final, and binding to both parties. None of these countries are bound to accept refugees from the other country for whatever reason, legally. The gist of the presently ongoing hate speeches in India is that if dissatisfied with a Hindu rule, Muslims can go to Pakistan anytime. Not a few Hindu political leaders and ministers have already hinted this and are continuing repeating this threat unchecked. Neither the India government nor the Supreme Court of India has taken any legal action against these leaders and cabinet ministers on account of these threats. So the general consensus among Hindu politicians is that if forced enough the Muslims will go to Pakistan and India will become a country free of Muslims. 


It is only a dream that Pakistan would accept the Muslim population of India if conditions in India worsen and these people are forced to flee. Just like India declined to accept refugees from Bangladesh and Burma, Pakistan can, and will, decline to accept refugees from India. Bangladesh was forced to accept its refugees back from India. In a similar way, if things come to that, India too will be forced to accept refugees from India back from whichever countries they flee to. Suppose the state of affairs in India moves towards conditions akin to partition, this means that Pakistan is not obliged to accept Muslim refugees from India as other Muslim countries in the world like Malaysia, Iran or Saudi Arabia also aren’t, because these Muslims aren’t their citizens but India’s. 


When the Rohingyan Muslims from Burma were illegally immigrating to India, India tried to prevent it, by saying these militant fighters who have fought long with the Burmese government would be a security risk to India and that they would unbalance the ethnic position in the Hindu-minority Jammu-Kashmir where they settled in large numbers. India refused to accept these refugees but they raised the Right Against Expulsion law in the Supreme Court of India. Anyway the settlement of these refugees in Kahmir was one of the prime factors which eventually led the pro-Hinduist BJP regime in India to bifurcating Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan will raise this same ‘threat to national security’ issue to prevent Indian Muslim refugees entering their country if and when things come to that. 


So the end result would be splitting India again or imposing German-style concentration camps and mass murder chambers which the world won’t wait to see or allow for any reason. With every kind of weapons in stock at disposal, the world will not just stand and watch. Do you know why atom bombs were detonated in the Second World War in Japan which country was already sending out envoys to the neutral Switzerland as feelers for peace agreements? Entering mainland Japan and defeating that country, it was estimated, would have cost 10 million American soldiers’ lives. So they decided to make it cheap and destroy Japan through atomic bombs which were easier. If ever India creates a problem of Muslims fleeing India and becoming refugees in other countries, these other countries- all Muslim Christian and Communist countries- will wait only till all Muslims have fled India. 

And do not anyone think about and find solace in the prospect of Pakistan too splitting into two again like India in a nearby future. There is not such prospect in the horizon with their Chinese affiliation.

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First Published on: 29 October 2019

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