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165. Buying MLAs and MPs like cattle in India is good for democracy: People will loose confidence in representatives and demand direct democracy. P S Remesh Chandran


Buying MLAs and MPs like cattle in India is good for democracy: People will loose confidence in representatives and demand direct democracy

P. S. Remesh Chandran

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum

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Rules and laws are made in thousands by the people’s representatives in the parliament and the state assemblies but they did not make any law to imprison, fine, payment of election expenses, disbarment from future elections or hang those MLAs and MPs who change the party he was elected from before his term is over and betray the voters in his constituency. We would expect our representatives in the various law-making bodies to have made such decent laws for the country but they did not. That is why we never hear about such laws. That is because they always are thinking about jumping parties and being bought for huge amounts of money by the other side. So that’s why they do not make it a crime severely punishable by law. How convenient! After people voting an MLA or a MP for an ideal or a party, he can jump that party in groups and join another party or even form a new party! There is no punishment for such betrayal of voters in a constituency by their parliamentary representative!! So this jumping of parties by people’s representatives has been going on in India for so many years. In fact all political parties in India except the original Indian National Congress and the Communist Party of India were formed out of this party jumping by betrayers of voters. We have never heard any of these representatives punished, fined, disbarred and/or imprisoned for betraying people as it is plain betrayal of people.

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For a few years we have also been hearing about representatives being ‘bought’ for incredibly huge prices. Unless India is not a democracy human beings cannot be bought and sold. It must either be a non-democracy or it must be non-humans involved. So these MPs and MLAs who are now being bought and sold for a price are now not human beings but just cattle. Do not think it is just a simile. The question that every Indian asks publicly when they hear about news of a few MLAs or MPs having been bought and sold for a price is ‘are they cattle’. Why should cattle represent human beings in parliament and assemblies? If human beings, considering the sacredness and urgency of democracy, can spare a little time go sitting in parliament and state assemblies by bodily presence or by online, why depend on cattle to run that democracy? Technology has advanced from the time of ancient Athens and a little-time-later-Rome to nullify the effect of the increased population on the limited space of parliament and assemblies.

So, gradually, the people of India are loosing confidence not in democracy but in people’s representatives. Good. It is very good for democracy. It is moving towards a ‘people versus people’s representatives’. It is people who own their representatives once they are elected to a parliamentary body by them, not the political parties which nominated and hoisted them. What happens when our representative or servant betrays us and goes to the other side? Knowing that good servants won’t be available for a long time to come, we simply dismiss him from our employment and take up his job ourselves. Here in this case people simply dismisses representational democracy and switches to representational democracy, first in their mind, and then in the body politic. No one would have paid a price for those representatives had they not been anyone’s representatives. So why not do with those representatives and everyone ask their price?

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First Published on: 18 September 2019

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